Clinical traineeship

We offer students the opportunity to complete a clinical traineeship at our university hospital.

We are also happy to give this opportunity to interested parties from abroad, provided we have free capacity. 

To register for a clinical traineeship, simply write an e-mail to Mrs.Marion Körber.
If you are not enrolled at the University of Innsbruck, you need a confirmation from your home university, if we have an agreement with it, with the following content.
In case of a positive decision for your clinical traineeship at MUI, please send the completed contract template to Mrs.Marion Körber immediately. Please send the proof of vaccination and the obligatory clinical traineeship letter by e-mail to Mrs. Marion Körber at least 1 month before you start your clinical traineeship.
This way you can get your employee card on the first day of work.
The original of the vaccination certificate and the compulsory clinical traineeship letter for students who are not enrolled at the University of Innsbruck must be presented at the start of employment.