Surgical clinic in 1954


The property was created in the course of the construction of the "New City Hospital" in the years 1885 to 1887, the opening was in 1888.

The new Innsbruck hospital complex was built in the pavilion style that was considered "modern" at the time for hospital construction.

The pavilion of the surgical clinic included

Basement, mezzanine and first floor with a northern extension for teaching purposes, as well as one patient block each on the east and west side of the hospital pavilion. Later (1915) a small new building for the orthopaedic department was constructed, which was extended in 1950.

In 1948, the Innsbruck hospital became the property of the province of Tyrol and since then has been called "Landeskrankenhaus - Universitätskliniken Innsbruck".

The building of the Surgical Clinic survived both World Wars and was demolished after completion of the new building of the Surgical Clinics on the present site (1961 - 1968) in connection with the construction of the Gynaecological and Head Clinic in 1971.


(K.H. Velano)