Carl. v. Nicoladoni

Carl von Nicoladoni was born in Vienna in 1847, studied there, obtained his doctorate in 1871 and his habilitation five years later. Another 5 years later he was appointed to the board in Innsbruck. There he worked for 14 years, only to be appointed to Graz in 1895. He had still pushed through the construction of the new surgical clinic, which was not opened until 1888 - 110 years ago. Once again, this was an orthopaedically oriented board of directors, who made great contributions to scoliosis treatment and who carried out the first tendon transplantation. The replacement of the thumb by transplanting a pedicled breast flap with a bone graft or toe also became famous. For the Innsbruck clinic, Nicoladoni is still a constantly mentioned "ancestor" with the treatment of Unguis incarnatus, although we have not been able to discover his original method in writing anywhere. But this surgeon also had an incredibly wide range of surgical interests, was a master of abdominal surgery and wrote over 100 papers from all surgical fields.