Hans von Haberer


In 1875 Hans von Haberer was born in Vienna, but studied in Graz. In 1902 he went to the 'Eiselsbergklinik' in Vienna and habilitated there in 1907. Already 4 years later he became full professor in Innsbruck and stayed there for 13 years as successor of Schloffer. In 1924 he received the call to Graz. He continued his wanderings: in 1926 he became director of the Academic-Surgical Clinic in Düsseldorf, in 1930 full professor in Cologne, where he remained until the end of the war in 1945, but then had to leave. In 1950 he was elected honorary member of the German Society for Surgery. Von Haberer wrote extraordinarily much, he worked mainly in abdominal surgery, making a name for himself with thousands of operations on the stomach. He resected over 500 aneurysms, developed biliary and colon surgery, published on developments in kidney surgery, neurosurgery and also war surgery. Hans von Haberer died in 1959.