Outpatient and day clinic surgery

Opening hours day clinic

Tuesday and Thursday 07:00 to 19:00
Tel. +43 (0)512 504 22884 
Telephone number outside opening hours = surgical outpatient clinic +43 (0)512 504 22511
General information
    • Small interventions on the body surface:
    • Atheroma/trichilemmal cyst (sebaceous cyst), 
    • Lipomas, 
    • Operation for ingrown toenail (Unguis incarnatus: Operation after Nicoladoni/Kocher excision)
    • Small operations on the anus (proctology):
      Condylomabtragung (Feigwarzen), näheres dazu im Kapitel Proktologie (Special consultation hour for HPV diseases)

    • Hernian surgery::
    • Minimally invasive inguinal hernia surgery (TEP, MILS) and 
    • Femur fracture surgery, 
    • conventional inguinal hernia operation (operation according to Lichtenstein), 
    • small abdominal wall hernias (umbilical hernias)
  • Port-à-Cath implantation, -removal

What are the advantages of our day clinic?
  • Short stay in the clinic without overnight stay

  • Recovery after the operation in a familiar family environment

  • Aftercare by the clinic

  • If a problem should ever occur: medical readiness in the clinic around the clock, possibility of inpatient admission at any time
Prerequisite for the day clinic intervention
For operations under anaesthetic:
    • Completed preliminary anaesthesiological examinations (preparation for anaesthesia):
      University Clinic for Anaesthesia LKH Innsbruck
      T.: +43 / (0)512/504-22465

    • Fasting at least 6 hours before the operation 
    • (i.e. do not eat or drink anything, do not smoke, do not chew gum; you may drink water up to 2 hours before the procedure)
  • Please take off make-up and jewellery (also piercing, gel nails, etc) as well as dentures if necessary before the anaesthetic begins!

  • Up to 24 hours after anaesthesia your ability to react and judge is limited. Caution with alcohol! Under no circumstances may you actively participate in road traffic or enter into legal transactions. You may only be driven home by another person in your car or by taxi.

  • After an anaesthetic, there must be adult caregivers in your immediate environment who will look after you for at least 24 hours.
In all procedures:
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing (bandages after the operation)

  • The distance from your place of residence to the nearest hospital should not exceed 30 minutes, a telephone must be available:
Accompanying person:
  • For procedures under local anesthesia, we recommend that you have an adult person pick you up.

  • For operations under anaesthesia, an adult caregiver is required from discharge from hospital until 24 hours after the operation.

  • Whether your operation will be carried out under local or general anaesthesia, you will find out during the planning of the operation during the informative discussion with the surgeon. 

  • If you are not sure about the planned procedure, please contact our team immediately.
Procedure on the day of surgery:
  • Check in at the day clinic on the date stated in writing (see map, parking up to 30 minutes on the LKI grounds, other possibilities see above)

  • The welcoming, administrative admission, room allocation and distribution of the hospital linen and patient wristbands are carried out by the nursing team of the day clinic.

  • This is followed by the surgeon welcoming the patient and marking on the skin (with a waterproof felt-tip pen) the planned surgical area (part of the World Health Organization's package of measures to avoid confusion during surgical procedures).

  • Shaving is only necessary in exceptional cases, it is carried out directly before the operation in the day clinic (please do not shave the operating area at home because of the danger of skin injuries, which can become inflamed)..

  • As soon as the OR is available for you, you will be accompanied to the OR by a member of the patient transport team. Please understand that a certain amount of lead time is calculated between check-in and the OR. This enables us to make optimum use of our operating theatre capacity.

  • After operations under anaesthesia you will first come to the recovery room for monitoring. For all operations under local anaesthesia, you will be taken from the operating theatre directly back to your room at the day clinic.

  • Before discharge, the surgeon will conduct an exit interview with you, in which behavioral measures, wound care, control appointments, postoperative pain therapy and, if necessary, removal of skin sutures will be clarified.

  • Upon discharge, you will receive a doctor's letter about your day hospital stay and, if necessary, a prescription for medication. If you need a sick note, please present the doctor's letter to your family doctor.